Backpack Ministry

New Hope participates in a Backpack Program that feeds at least 50 children from the Intermediate School each week-end. These children have been identified by the school administration as having nutritional needs. The food is packed  for the students and delivered each week in time to get them to the school on Wednesday or Thursday. This insures that the packs are at the school so the children can take them home with them for the week-end. If we know the kids will be off for 3 days then more food is packed accordingly. They are given easy-to-fix foods that require little or no preparation. Each pack has:

Each pack includes food for 2 days to include both Saturday and Sunday:

    • 2 Breakfasts
    • 2 Lunches
    • 2 Dinners
    • 2 Snacks
    • 2 Drinks

This important ministry depends on the donations of the generous people of New Hope. If you would like to help with this ministry, please consider donating items for the kids. The following items are included in the packs each week. These are all INDIVIDUAL SERVINGS:

    • Breakfast items:
      • Cereal,
      • Pop Tarts,
      • Oatmeal Packets
    • Lunch / Supper items:
      • Canned items such ravioli, lasagna, etc.,
      • Soups (with pop-top lids),
      • Ramen Noodles, Beanie
      • Weenies,
      • Peanut butter and Jelly (combined in the same container)
    • Snacks:
      • Applesauce,
      • Fruit bars,
      • Puddings
    • Drinks:
      • Products that have reduced sugar, if possible
      • 100% Fruit Drinks

If you have any questions, please see Ellen Ross or Connie Brown.