Gracie’s Progress…

New Hope’s own Gracie Cottrill has joined The World Race for a 9 month mission trip. We are so proud of her willingness to follow God’s direction. We will be following her progress both here and on Facebook. New Hope will be in almost constant prayer for her.
Gracie Cottrill
2018 Graduate of
Pt. Pleasant High School
Pt. Pleasant, WV
To see Gracie’s blog and most recent post, click on the link below…
I have some AWESOME news that I’ve been dying to share with everyone!!!! In September I will be leaving to go to Ethiopia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, & Nicaragua for 9 months. During this time I will be spreading the gospel, and helping advance the Kingdom for Christ. I am super excited to have this opportunity. {Prayers are greatly appreciated!!!} I also just put up my first BLOG! (I will post the link below). If you are feeling led to donate, you can do that on my blog OR you can message me for more details/any questions/if you just want to talk! 😊🌍💖
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Wrecked Plans
Posted 02/07/201
The Invitation
Posted 06/21/2018
18 days until Training Camp!!!!! 78 days until LAUNCH!!!!!! With every passing day I get more excited! God has abundantly blessed me through this process of fundraising and preparation and I am so excited to share this…
Getting Ready for Camp!
10 Things I Would Tell Pre-Training Camp Me
Posted 07/2/2018
1. Learn how to go a week without washing your hair. Bucket showers…

Fully Funded, Fully Surrendered

Posted 09/12/2018
 Gracie Says:
Posted 09-20-2018
Here is a video to give ya’ll a glimpse of launch/travel/my first week in Battambang, Cambodia!   ———->

I am loving it here!!

I will post soon about my ministry & what The Lord is doing in my life!

World Race Travel/Week One

Posted 09-20-2018

Bike Riding in Cambodia

Posted 09-22-2018

Gracie has completed month one in Cambodia. Her team, Grafted, will be in a Month One Debrief., after which they will moved from Battambang to Siem Reap. 

Including training camp, Gracie has now traveled approx. 10,761 miles all together and is approx. 8,826 miles from Pt. Pleasant

World Race Month 1: Battambang, Cambodia

Posted 10-05-2018
10-21-2018 Grace is now in Siem Reap, Cambodia doing a different ministry.
This has added 102 miles to her total miles traveled, 10,863 and she is now 8,804 miles from Pt. Pleasant.
Jaynna and I decided to make a vlog about what a normal day in our ministry at Siem Reap looks like. Hope you enjoy!

A Day In Siem Reap Ministry

Posted 10-21-2018